Media with a mission – Any place, any language

Morganstar Media


It all began four decades ago at Stanford University. 

Since then, Morganstar has worked in over one hundred twenty

cities and remote locations in the United States, Haiti, Mexico,

Canada, Ecuador, Philippines, Indonesia, and England.

                                  •  Morganstar has a mission:  Document the good • Focus on the positive • Celebrate service

                                  •  Morganstar specialities are biography, history, education, agriculture, conservation, and non-profits.


                                  •  Morganstar produces programming for conferences and events. 

                                               - We have created programming from conferences and events in San Francisco, New York, 

                                                  Boston, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Houston, and Palo Alto.

                                  •  Morganstar is multilingual

- We work in English and Spanish.  

- We narrate, subtitle, and dub our programs in any language.

- We have subtitled programs in Mandarin, Croatian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese,                         Arabic, and Vietnamese.

- Our programs feature individuals speaking English, Spanish, Tagalog, Ilocano, and Nez Perce.