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American Biography creates broadcast quality video biographies for individuals, families, and enterprises. 

Reveal the vision

 American Biography videos link future generations with the vision and the values of those who went before.

What sets American Biography apart

•  A deeply-held commitment to the importance of uniting families and keeping the family vision alive.

•  Forty-plus years working for clients like National Geographic, major corporations, government agencies, and top universities.

•  Professional writing, interviewing, research, videography, and editing skills.

•  Programs in any language.

American Biography Programs

•  Broadcast quality documentaries on individuals, families, groups, and enterprises

•  Interviews, family stories, family photos and movies, archival images

•  Programs delivered as a set of DVDs, as digital files on hard drive, and as videos on the web  

Special features 

•  Full, uncut interview videos

•  Interview transcripts

•  Filming at special locations—old family home, summer home, business, school, etc.

•  Filming at special events—reunions, celebrations, retirement, graduation, etc.

•  Expert Family Search and Ancestry.Com genealogical research

•  Interactive family tree—click ancestor's thumbnail to see video segment on that person

•  Interactive family map—click on map to see segment on family events that happened at that place

•  Digitally enhanced family photos and home movies