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 Jane Goodall: Chimpanzees

                              Walk to the Light 

                                                     One-Day Mission 

National Geographic 
Stanford University 
Karr Center, Harvard University 
Environmental Protection Agency
Opportunity Fund Microfinance, San Jose
Nez Perce Tribe, Lapwai, Idaho
CME-TV Medical Communications, Cincinnati
Brigham Young University 
Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
Mid Snake River Water Resource Commission
US Department of Agriculture
Legacy Venture Fund, Palo Alto
Foyer de Sion, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
US Department of Energy 
EnPro Industries International, Charlotte 
US Agricultural Research Service  
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality 
Association of Idaho Cities
Three Island Crossing Visitors Center
Cauayan Mission, Manila, Philippines
Ben and Marion Kopf Family, Palm Desert, CA
Georgia A. White Family Trust, Provo, UT 
Larry Dean and Sherrel Olsen Family, Buhl, ID
Wendell and Margaret Petty Family, Twin Falls, ID  
General Leon C. Packer Family, Lafayette, CA
McCaw-Oliver Family Association, Bellevue, WA